Victor Harbor Usage Terms and Conditions

The Victor Harbor Brand brandmark for Victor Harbor is a “Destination Brand”. As a destination brand, it is a visual identifier designed to convey the amalgamation of positive perceptions, thoughts and feelings that customers hold about Victor Harbor. It is designed to trigger a consistent and growing “story” of positive perceptions, thoughts and feelings of Victor Harbor as a Creative, Innovative and Industrious place, and a fantastic place to live in, work in, play in, migrate to, study in, visit, consume the products and services from, import from, engage with and do business in.

As a Destination Brand, the brandmark is a visual identity to show who we are, where we are and what we offer. It’s about being synonymous with Victor Harbor. It’s about distinguishing ourselves from other destinations. It’s about representing us all. It is not a Certification Trademark, nor is it a “Place Of Origin” brandmark.

Accordingly it is neither designed nor intended to be used as a Certification Trademark, nor is it designed or intended to be used as a Place Of Origin brandmark. It is not to be deployed as a “credence claim”.

As the Registrant, you are responsible for ensuring your own compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) – Schedule 2 – The Australian Consumer Law. The Department for Trade and Investment will not be held responsible for any breach of the Competition and Consumer Act by a Registrant. Registrants are advised to seek independent legal advice in order to ensure compliance.

Determination of whether you meet criterion will be at the discretion of the Destination Brand Management Committee.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, however consider your application has merit please email to provide detail of your eligibility.

Become a Brand Partner

We invite Victor Harbor businesses to become brand partners. Together, we can showcase our beautiful region and bring greater economic activity and prosperity to our City.

I would absolutely encourage as many businesses to get involved with the brand as possible. This is one of those times where I think you need to justify why you’re not getting involved with the brand.

Tom Consetino, Margo Consulting