Image: Peter Fisher & SATC

Our Brand Story

Victor Harbor. Feel it calling.

Victor Harbor is somewhere you feel at the mention of its name—a place that stirs a profound personal connection and gently draws you in.

It’s in the natural beauty of the landscape and the depth of your breath. You can hear it echoing in the air as you come closer as if the coastline is calling to you.

People come here to be immersed. To catch a glimpse of wildlife from the shore. To relive their childhood summers. To stand on the very soil where history happened. And what they feel—rejuvenation, adventure, reflection— forever connects them to this wondrously one-of-a-kind place where the hum of community meets the stillness of the sea.

There is an endless energy that flows through us and binds us together. It’s in our fertile farmlands, our bustling streets and our thriving people. Here, every individual sustains the whole and strengthens our capacity for meaningful collaboration in life, at work and in business.

Our world is one built on connection. We cooperate and innovate for the benefit of all, combining the supportive relationships of a country town with the vision and opportunities of a regional centre. Victor Harbor is the vibrant, creative heart of our Fleurieu, circulating the currents that course through our peninsula.

This is a place brimming with life and culture, inviting you to come and experience it for yourself.

Victor Harbor. Feel it calling.

Our Values

Brand Partners align with our key values


We actively strive to stay connected with our community and customers.


We are regularly applying an innovative mindset to how we operate our business or organisation.


We are consistently looking at how we promote a positive culture within our business or organisation.


We are committed to collaborating with other businesses and the community, and source goods and services locally where possible.


We are continually using our creativity to inspire people.


We are constantly looking at how we develop sustainable practices.

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Brand Partners can apply the Victor Harbor brand logo alongside their own brand and logo to a wide range of marketing merchandise.

Adding the Victor Harbor brand to your business provides assurance to your customers and clients that you are trustworthy and authentic, and committed to upholding the brand values of Victor Harbor.


Become a Brand Partner

We invite Victor Harbor businesses to become brand partners. Together, we can showcase our beautiful region and bring greater economic activity and prosperity to our City.

“For me, the logo of it, is what this place is all about, it’s about the mirror image of everybody, of all of us coming together as one. It’s about us coming together and sharing and reflecting on what this place really means to us.”

Mark Koolmatrie, Kool Tours