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Why does Victor Harbor need a brand and logo?

Victor Harbor has had a reputation as being a destination for those wishing to retire, with perceptions of the place being outdated, slow and or boring.

The reality of what Victor Harbor is today is quite different.

Victor Harbor is emerging as the vibrant, creative heart of the Fleurieu and a place brimming with life and culture. As our city has evolved, so has the need to reposition Victor Harbor as a place to live, work, visit and invest.

The new brand will help reinvigorate people’s views of Victor Harbor and to show that this is a one-of-a-kind place draws you in, changing any negative and established perceptions that exist.

The new brand will set new standards and expectations ensuring that Victor Harbor delivers on its promise as a dynamic and vibrant City.

The aim is that the identity of businesses and community organisations that use the new logo will be strengthened, leading to a more cohesive representation of Victor Harbor.

Who designed the new brand?

The new logo, positioning statement, and style guidelines were all produced by leading Adelaide agency, NATION.

NATION developed the new brand in consultation with some key Victor Harbor stakeholders including City of Victor Harbor, Business Victor Harbor, a number of small to medium-sized Victor Harbor businesses from a range of industries, and selected community members.

Only after NATION undertook initial explorations, one-on-one conversations, a large number of group meetings, and community and stakeholder workshops, were they able to fully understand the requirements of the new brand.

How can I begin using the logo and brand assets?

To use the suite of brand assets that have been created for Brand Victor Harbor you must become a Brand Partner.

It is free to join and once you have completed the application form and been approved, you will be sent the creative assets and have a license to use the brand alongside your own business. 

Click here to start the process.

What if my application is not approved?

A Brand Victor Harbor team member will be in touch to discuss your application and work with you to get your business aligned with the brand, so that you can reapply.

Why should I use the new brand?

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro 

The success of our local businesses and community is based on how we work together to promote what is special about Victor Harbor. 

Great local businesses strengthen their identity by aligning their business with the Victor Harbor brand and providing assurance to your customers and clients that you are trustworthy and authentic, and committed to upholding the brand values of Victor Harbor.

Is 'Feel it calling' our new tagline?

Feel it calling is our new tagline, or marketing positioning statement for Victor Harbor. The tagline attempts to succinctly express the essence of the place that is Victor Harbor, portrayed through the use of the new Victor Harbor brand.

Through engagement work with the community, it became apparent that Victor Harbor as a destination has this intangible and emotive gravitational force that draws people back, whether for a holiday or to live.  The sense of ‘calling’ experienced by locals and visitors means different things to different people, but it is something that makes Victor Harbor a special place.

‘Feel it Calling’

The phrase is intended to be used through various marketing programs and applied by Brand Partners as they use the brand logo within their businesses and organisations.

Do I have to be a Brand Victor Harbor Partner to use the brand?

Yes. All of Brand Victor Harbor’s features are trademarked.

If you opt to use any taglines, logos, designs, and/or other brand features, you must have been officially acknowledged as a Brand Victor Harbor Partner which includes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.

Become a Brand Partner

We invite Victor Harbor businesses to become brand partners. Together, we can showcase our beautiful region and bring greater economic activity and prosperity to our City.

“The Victor Harbor brand is important because it will bring everyone’s awareness to Victor Harbor. If you have your own brand, as we do, but it’s backed by the Victor Harbor brand, it brings everything together collectively and brings out the best in everyone.”

Louise Twickler, Specsavers Victor Harbor