Brand Victor Harbor Logo

Image: Jesse Ehlers

Our Brand Colours

The Victor Harbor brand has two colour palettes.

The day palette is light, happy, vibrant.

The night palette is soft subtle and sophisticated.

A feature of the marketing collateral is the colour block reflection. This is achieved by horizontally splitting the space in half with complementary colours from the palette. The words VICTOR and HARBOR are punched out of the colour blocks in the contrasted colour.

Brand Victor Harbor Brand Partners

Reversing the logo out of solid colour is an alternative way to introduce the brand colours and an effective way to create standout branded merchandise.

Become a Brand Partner

We invite Victor Harbor businesses to become brand partners. Together, we can showcase our beautiful region and bring greater economic activity and prosperity to our City.

“The more we have the community behind this brand the bigger the things we can do, the bigger we can grow, there’s limitless potential and we are stronger together.”

Barbara Vermeulen, Specsavers
Victor Harbor Brand Partner