Dec 7, 2017 | Brand Development

The Council at its meeting held on Monday, 23 November 2020 adopted the City of Victor Harbor Economic Development Strategy 2020-2030 and endorsed engaging Business Victor Harbor on the implementation of preliminary actions within the strategy.

Having a clear and well-articulated destination brand was identified by both organisations as critically important to informing future elements of the economic development strategy and therefore actions one and two under pillar 4 was determined as the first priority.

The Economic Development Strategy under pillar 4. A destination of choice to live, work and visit identifies the need for ‘….Victor Harbor to clearly articulate its key strengths and direction to a target audience that is receptive of the messages….’

As a starting point the existing destination brand ‘Encounter it All’ was reviewed looking at the methodology and marketing science behind its development. The review into the ‘Encounter it All’ brand identified that the community engagement work undertaken by Council and a series of appointed community leaders was excellent and provided a very valuable foundation as to what the community valued about its town.

Concurrently Business Victor Harbor were researching and developing a destination brand concept previously referred to as ‘Breathe’. The inertia from this work was been incorporated in the brand project.

In late March the Council and Business Victor Harbor sought proposals from Adelaide-based marketing agencies to assist with the refinement of the existing ‘Encounter it All’ foundations while incorporating the research and concept development work undertaken by Business Victor Harbor’s ‘Breathe’ concept. To assist in the evaluation of the best partner, a detailed scope and brief was prepared to support the procurement.

The successful applicant for the project was NATION.